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Hi!  I'm Varu.

I'm a writer, attorney, and mom living in Washington, D.C.  I'm not a chef, but I can relate to the challenges of having a hectic life, trying to be a somewhat healthy vegetarian, and not having a lot of time to cook.  I love discovering and sharing tricks to cooking easy vegetarian food, while trying to balance all that other life stuff.  

Food Writings


Meat Week

(The Huffington Post)

Lentils Made Easy

(The Huffington Post)

Garbanzo Gets the Gold

(The Huffington Post)

Pommes de Terre at the Market

(The Hill Rag)

Colorful Coconut Truffles Capture

the Holi Festival’s Hues and Joy

(The Washington Post)

How to Make Korma Sauce at Home

(Bon Appétit - Basically)

Palak Paneer Gets Chopped

(The Huffington Post)

Blackberry Pie & The Mother-in-Law

(The Hill Rag)

Cupcakes, Cookware & Curious Combinations

(The Hill Rag)

Searching for Cardamom

(The Hill Rag)

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