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Cover paperback for Indian Cuisine for the Busy Vegetarian
Recipe List for Indian Cuisine for the Busy Vegetarian cookbook
Recipe List for Indian Cuisine for the Busy Vegetarian cookbook

About the Book

Indian Cuisine for the Busy Vegetarian is a practical and fun guide to realistically fitting Indian cooking into your busy lifestyle!

This book offers over 60 recipes for quick vegetarian versions of North Indian favorites like chickpea curry and palak tofu, as well as South Indian dishes like sambar, rava dosa, and tamarind rice.  Punctuated by stories that remind us of how cooking connects us to the important things in life, this book is your honest resource to the shortcuts and time-saving tips to having your curry and eating it too.

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What's Inside

  • 60+ vegetarian recipes

  • 39 vegan recipes and many others that can be made vegan using dairy substitutes

  • Bonus “Tips” for many of the recipes, describing variations and ingredient swaps

  • Colorful photos of every dish

  • Recipe list & detailed index 

  • 54 recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less!

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  • Available in glossy-cover paperback (trim: 6.14 x 9.21 inches)

  • Also available in e-book format (print replica)

  • 189 pages

  • ISBN-10: 0578651882

  • Imprint: Fenugreek Press

  • Official release date: July 28, 2020


Special Features

  • Indian ingredients: a guide to what you really need

  • Smart cooking tips

  • How to make tadka: infusing oil with spices

  • Easy entertaining: sample happy hour menus

  • Basic cooking techniques for making lentils and rice

  • Essays in each chapter about cooking and connecting to our heritage, friends, and family through food.


Introduction - Simple Starters - Curries in a Hurry - Lazy Lentils - Go-To Grains - Desserts in a Dash 

Order the paperback or e-book today!

And if you get the book, please take a moment to leave a review and tag your food creations #busyvegetariankitchen on Instagram.  Would love to see what's cooking in your kitchen!



"If you love Indian food but balk at recipes with pages of steps and an endless list of exotic ingredients, Varu Chilakamarri hears you. . . .having tried a number of recipes myself---and served 'Chicken' Korma and Jeera Rice to a very grateful fellow vegetarian---I defy anyone to resist these savory and nutritious offerings."

     -- Karen Lyon, The Hill Rag

"A rare self-published title in this year's collection, the book focuses on offering tasty recipes for folks pressed for time. Time-saving supplies, quick cooking tips and vegan recipes are included."  

     -- Marc

"I tried out the Lemon Lentil Ginger soup from @busyvegetariankitchen cookbook tonight and it was seriously so delicious!!"  "The cookbook is so simple and easy to follow with recipes that are so yummy and flavorful." 

     -- Cristen, Cristen's Creations

" Delicious, easy recipes and a literary treat!  Starting with shopping for the basic ingredients and general cooking tips, this well-organized book then covers appetizers through main courses and desserts, some 60 delicious recipes - each of which can be prepared in under 30 minutes. . . . Best of all is the author's warmth and expressiveness in addressing the reader as a friend, sharing captivating personal experiences relating to each category of food presented."

     -- Diana, Customer review


"This cookbook is a godsend! Amazing tips for pulling together a delicious and flavorful meal in a short time. For someone like me that loves Indian food, but for whom Indian cooking is a mystery, this book is an easy-to-follow guide for building flavors, understanding the cuisine, and pulling together a delicious and healthy meal quickly. So grateful to have discovered this book and have already gifted it to several friends."

     -- M. Aliaga, Customer review

"Great book! Easy to follow recipes".  "So glad I got it."

     -- L.Y. Underwood, Customer review

"Clear, easy, and fast recipes!  I bought this cookbook with the goal of incorporating more vegetarian recipes into my week. It has exceeded my expectations! The recipes are clear and easy to follow. And the time estimates are accurate! Everything I’ve cooked so far has been delicious. I am looking forward to making more recipes from the book."

     -- Amelia, Customer review

"This is a terrific cookbook for anyone looking for vegetarian recipes who is eager for new vitality on their table. We have made the "Chicken" Korma many times already and everyone in our family loves it -- even some extremely picky eaters. . . . Especially these days where we cant go to our favorite Indian restaurants I'm glad to have some pro tips on how to cook at home. BUY THIS BOOK!"

     -- Rachel, Customer review

" Delicious, Quick, Easy, and Healthy Recipies!  This has become my go to recipe book for cooking Indian food! I love Indian food, but never really tried cooking it at home. . . . . The recipes are easy to follow and the food I have made so far is heavenly. Highly recommend this cookbook for anyone who loves quick but tasty and healthy food."

     -- James, Customer review 

"I love Indian food but I've always been a bit intimidated by the process of trying to make it myself. Because of the pandemic, and having more time, I thought I would try to tackle it for the first time. This book was great - it really simplified everything, and the food came out great. I totally recommend it."

     Matt, Customer review

"Indian cooking made easy - and delightfully personal.  The aptly named INDIAN CUISINE FOR THE BUSY VEGETARIAN breaks down the mysteries (for non-Indians, at least) of Indian food into manageable steps and easy-to-follow recipes that range from simple lentils and rice preparations. . . . Plus there are the stories, which are delightful. If you're like me, what elevates a perfectly fine cookbook to something you'd actually want to buy are engaging stories that explain the personal significance of the recipes - which this book has in spades."

     -- Princesskaraoke, Customer review

"My new favorite cookbook!" "It's very user-friendly, even if you have no experience cooking Indian food. . . . And the techniques are simple. Lentils have always seemed mysterious and complicated to me, but the author provides 6 different ways to cook them, including in the microwave!" "It's also a beautiful cookbook in that the author shares personal stories that offer an emotional connection to the food. This combination of practicality and inspiration makes the cookbook stand out as a brilliant culinary guide."

     -  Customer review

"Must-have for the everyday cook who loves Indian food!

I love Indian food and enjoy spending time in the kitchen, but making authentic Indian food can be intimidating when it comes to finding all the necessary ingredients and/or the amount of time it takes to make a single dish. Chilakamarri dispenses with the complexities of Indian cooking and presents a comprehensive collection of recipes (over 60!) featuring pantry staple-substitutions for vegetarian (and mostly vegan) Indian dishes, most of which can be made in 30 minutes or less. . . .And for us non-vegetarians, the opportunities for "real" meat substitutions are pretty straightforward -- just add chicken!"

     -- Customer review 

"As a lapsed vegetarian, a certified busy person, and a lover of simple, unpretentious recipes, I knew this book was for me. I was not disappointed! The recipes are straightforward, the food beautifully-photographed, and the results delicious."

     -- Customer review

" Excellent introduction to cooking Indian food.  I love Indian food but was too intimidated to actually cook it. Now that I am cooking more because of the pandemic, I wanted to dip my toes in recipes for some Indian dishes. This cookbook is the perfect place to start because the recipes are straightforward, easy to follow, and does not require a huge time commitment. I’m not a vegetarian and I found that adding chicken to the many of the recipes satisfied the carnivore in me. . . . So how did they turn out? Delicious! While not as good as my favorite Indian restaurant, I scarfed down the whole thing pretty quickly. . . .I highly recommend this cookbook if you want to whip up something quickly to satisfy your craving for Indian food."

      -- Customer review

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