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Cotton Candy Candles! 

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

The new must-make for all outdoor birthdays?  Cotton candy candles! Inspired by my love of cotton candy and all things sweet.  They're edible; they can stay "on" for the duration of the party (even with a breeze); they're safe for teeny hands; and best of all . . . there's no need to blow all over the cake (a big plus these days).   They are so easy to make!

You just need: (1) pretzel sticks, (2) frosting (I used store-bought vanilla here), and (3) cotton candy. (I found a cool popcorn flavor online, but any kind that's yellow or orange would work well!)

How to do it: Dip and twist the pretzel sticks in a tub of frosting until they are well-coated; place them on wax paper or a plate to dry for a few hours. Then, dab on some fresh frosting on the tip of the pretzel stick (it will serve as the glue); grab a little wisp of cotton candy and press it around the tip in the shape of a flame. 

Make ahead: You can assemble the candles a few hours in advance, just note that over time, as the cotton candy hardens, it will become less wispy and more crystallized, but still totally yummy!  


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